Storage Solutions to Make Additional Space in Your Home

Many people find it a huge challenge to organise their homes, or to increase usable space around their living space – and indeed, it can seem like a daunting task. But in keeping some of these top tips in mind, and you’re sure to get the most out of your organising efforts.

When it comes to organising your home, clutter is the biggest culprit. People collect items over the years, many of which they ultimately don’t have any use for. So to begin organising in your home, you’ll first need to sort through any clutter that you have, and get rid of things you don’t use or need. It’s one of the harder tasks in getting organised, but it’s also necessary to begin the process!

The next step is to implement organisational tools in your home. Consider installing shelf and cupboard organisers to help keep these areas as tidy as possible. But in using such tools, try to store upwards rather than taking up more floor space. You’ll have more space to use, and special storage areas – which are at high risk of becoming cluttered – won’t seem overcrowded.

Closets are undeniably one of the best storage spaces in a house – but not if they turn into a huge mess. Get the most out of closet space by installing a closet organising system – including hooks, stacked storage units, and pull-out drawers. Opening a closet door without having items fall on you might be your ultimate goal; but you can also organise in a way that perhaps enables you to walk into your closet to find what you’re looking for!

Another top tip is to utilise unseen space in your home. Consider “hidden” spaces, such as under the beds or in unused luggage, to store items. But don’t make the mistake of simply throwing things under the bed in an unorganised fashion; there are many storage containers which are designed to be placed under the bed and in other specific areas of the home – so make sure to organise before you store away.

A fifth tip is to consider buying furniture items which double as storage devices. Any beds, for example, come with built-in cupboards, while a lot of coffee tables and ottomans come with storage space underneath. By keeping dual-use items such as these, you’ll be maximising usable space in your home.

Next, don’t underestimate wall shelving. There’s a lot of usable space on your walls, and you should use this space to both organise and store your items. Moreover, it helps to keep shelf height to a minimum in places such as your garage or laundry room, so you can maximise usable space. In remembering that not everything has to be stored on floor space, you’ll get a lot more of your items stored in an organised fashion.

A great tip for storing bulky items is to utilise vacuum storage bags. Items such as duvets, pillows, sheets and towels can take up a lot of space in cupboards. However, they’re soft and can actually be condensed to a fraction of their full size by using vacuum storage bags – ultimately giving you much more space to store other things.

Next, why not consider doing some furniture re-arranging? You might just find that positioning bigger items in a room in another way will give you much more space to store things. Have some fun with re-arranging, and see which arrangements give you the most space to work with.

Still have too much “stuff” in your home? Consider a backyard storage shed for non-fragile items. That little bit of extra space might be just what you need to declutter certain areas of your home, such as your garage. However, ensure that anything you place in an outdoor storage shed will not be damaged by varying temperatures or humidity.

Finally, you also have the option to rent out a self storage unit. Self storage can prove an ideal solution if you have big, bulky items – such as furniture – to store, or if you simply have more belongings than you have room for in your home. Self storage solutions are also safe, secure and flexible, enabling you sole access to your belongings, whenever is convenient for you.

By following some of these top storage and organisational tips, you’re sure to be able to maximise usable space in your home – not to mention live a clutter-free life!

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