How to Develop Good Time Management Skills

How to develop good time management skills?
Learning new skills requires time and effort, and learning time management skills is no different. First you learn the skills and then you need put them into practice. It often takes times for you to get the hang of something new, but, as the saying goes, practice really does make perfect. And, once you become proficient at managing your time, the improvements in efficiency you’ll see will be well worth it.

Where to start
The best way to get started with any new skill is to learn from those with more experience and several years of practice behind them. Of the options available, by far the best way to learn is to enroll on a course. Courses offer you a tried and tested way of learning, covering the basics right through to more advanced techniques. And, taking a course with assignments means you’ll have the advantage of feedback from tutors. Choose your course well and you’ll have tutors who are not just familiar with the theory of time management, but experienced at practising it too. This kind of expertise is worth its weight in gold! Plus, many courses, ours included, offer a student forum where you can seek the advice and support of other students.

Other Options
If you cannot afford a course or don’t have the time or inclination to take one, the two next best options are to buy a book or search online for time management resources. There are lots of websites and books that deal with this subject, so a simple search on Google should produce a fairly substantial list to start with. Then it’s just a case of sifting through the resources in the list to find the one you like the look of. When choosing books make sure you read any reviews given – they tell you more about the book than any blurb could ever do.

Online resources vary in quality and some can be old, very old! But, one of the advantages of searching online for resources is that many of them are free. So if you don’t like the way the website is set out or the look of the content, simply find another.

Choose what works best for you
There are lots of suggested techniques for improving your time management skills. What you need to do is read through as many as you can find and choose one or two that you think might work for you. Try them out for a couple of weeks, if they don’t work, simply ditch and switch to other techniques. Do make sure you give each technique a good try though – don’t be half-hearted about it – and keep detailed records of what you’ve tried and whether it worked or not. Keep going until you find a set of skills that suits you the best and then practise them so that they become second nature.

Utilise modern technology
Don’t be afraid to use modern technology. There are lots of programmes that can help to show you where you are losing time. You may not think you need such a thing, but we are usually very bad at estimating how long we’ve really spent doing something. Most people have no idea how long it takes for five minutes to pass without looking at a clock. So, before you know it a whole hour has been wasted just checking tweets or emails. To help you discover just how long you really spend on such tasks use a programme such as – it’ll help you spot inefficiencies in your day.

Reward yourself!
When things get tough a great way to spur yourself on is with a reward. For example, if you need to complete a list of seven jobs, why not give yourself the rest of the day off if you achieve your goal or give yourself a treat of some kind. What you choose to treat yourself with is entirely up to you.

Effective Time management is an important skill if you want to make the most of the time you have. So, why not learn the best techniques from the experts. We’ve done all the hard work – bringing together the most Effective Time Management techniques and expert tuition – all you need to do is enrol with us. So, why not request a no obligation prospectus today?

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